• Forest morning light flowers and Angophera


    Photographed in the Bouddi NP near Maitand Bay. These beautiful Fine Art Photographs were captured on one spectacular foggy morning in this amazing part of The Central Coast. See also 250 , 240. AWARD WINNER!
  • Forest morning light

    232 – PARTNERS in TIME

    A magnificent morning walk in the Bouddi National Park revealed these majestic angopheras standing side by side in the mist, as if they had been there together for eternity. Another award winner.
  • Bush walk in the mist

    240 – A WALK in the FOREST

    A stunning morning in the Boudi State Forrest, the morning mist clinging to the trees. An Award winner. Part of the Bouddi series, see 231,232.
  • Burnt out gum misty forest

    250 – SURVIVOR

    A stunning morning at Bullimah Point in BOUDDI NP Central Coast NSW when we came across this magnificent example of how nature can prevail.
  • Forest morning light flowers and Angophera
    These beautiful Fine Art Photographs were taken on one spectacular foggy morning in this amazing part of The Central Coast. See also 250 , 240, 231,
  • Angophera tree in the mist


    The magnificent Bouddi National Park, Central Coast NSW, at dawn on a misty morning. This angophera seems to reach out in welcome. It's the tree all kids would want to climb.
  • Killcare Beach from above looking south east towards Sydney


    PUTTY BEACH, at Killcare,Central Coast NSW Australia, a hidden gem on the Killcare peninsula, southern part of NSW Central Coast.
  • Fog on the Headland above the beach
    A stunning morning, and the beautiful Putty Beach at Killcare is lit with the dawn and highlighted by the mist flowing out from Broken Bay with the Hawkesbury River in the background.
  • Fog rolling out of Broken Bay, taken from Marie Byles Lookout
    This panorama was taken from The Marie Byles Lookout at Killcare Heights on the Central Coast of NSW. The views extend across the entrance to Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River, past Manly to Bondi, NSW. The mist is caused by the warmer water of the river hitting the cool of the Tasman Sea.
  • Panorama of Maitland Bay on NSW Central Coast

    258 – MAITLAND BAY

    This magnificent, secluded Bay is surrounded by the amazing Bouddi National Park on the Central Coast NSW. Accessible only by a steep track or by water it is also a Marine Park. The treacherous East Reef is also shown. Site of numerous shipwrecks, most notable "The Maitland".
  • Sandy Beach with Waves breaking and headland


    This secluded beach is surrounded by the Bouddi NP and situated just north of Putty Beach, Killcare NSW
  • Stormy afternoon at beach


    The wonderful and secluded Putty Beach at Killcare in storm. Still beautiful, a hidden gem!